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The future is here! And it’s happening right here in Perth!
A few days ago the team here at Mapability were fortunate enough to attend the annual “3D on the Edge” conference at Burswood, hosted by SFWorks. The event focused on everything 3D, and featured some amazing new technologies, products and services that are being developed right here in Western Australia. One of those technologies was our very own Inventum3D software, which attracted a lot of people to our booth, particularly our point cloud application and our latest Inventum3D addition, the International Space Station interactive. Mapability was invited to give a presentation on the developments made on our interactive 3D application, and how our innovative use of WebGL could benefit a vast range of industries.

Several industries were represented at the event, ranging from the mining and engineering sectors, through to gaming and robotics. Our booth, which was open throughout the event, allowed us to connect with many people from all these industries who seemed just as excited as we are about the future of 3D technology in Perth. It was a great social event for everyone in the field of 3D in Perth, and we here at Mapability look forward to attending the event again in the future.

Jerome Gillman presenting

Mapability Booth Display

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