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Believe it or not it is October already. This year sure has flown by. The past few months have been quite interesting in the office as we have been working on some animations set for television broadcast. We have worked with Showrunner on a brand new documentary TV series titled “72 Dangerous Animals”, and with Adcorp on a high-end television commercial for Concerto Apartments.

The Concerto Apartments TVC was an excited project, as it required placing a yet-to-be-built 38 floor apartment building in the heart of East Perth. Once completed, the Concerto Tower will be the tallest apartment building in East Perth, and will become a dominant feature in the extended Perth skyline. The brief of the project was detailed and specific, requiring a series of compositing techniques including camera matching, masking and colour grading. In the TVC, the tower was to be “built up” using animated words, flying in from a distance to form the base shape of the building. This was accomplished using 3D animation and 2D particle effects. With the aid of Mapability and Adcorp, the aerial footage of the Perth skyline was captured by Australian company Coptercam, with the use of a quadcopter. Mapability composited all the elements together, including the live footage, the 3D building animation and the special effects, with the internal stills created by Ellis Design Group.



The full advertisement is currently broadcast on all major networks in Western Australia. It can also be viewed online here.

The 72 Dangerous Animals project took several months to complete. The premise of the 12-episode series is to discover which animal in this great country of ours is considered to be the most dangerous. Each episode sifts through 6 different animals and ranks them according to their ‘danger level’. This ranking system accumulates throughout the series and in the final episode we are left with the definitive ranking of the 72 most dangerous animals found in Australia. Mapability’s role in the project was to create the overall style, animation and effects used throughout the series. This included creating the visuals for the opening intro, the “arena” and “scoreboard” scenes, and the title banners. The project was quite extensive, as each of the 72 animals required their own scene. The series is currently airing in Australia on National Geographic, as of September 2nd, 2014.


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